Great days start with Papua

High Vibrational Coffee

Our coffee originates in the pristine rainforest of Papua New Guinea. The elements harmonize to create beans of exceptional quality - from the finest coffee plants, to the mineral-rich soil and naturally oxygenated atmosphere. Each bean is hand-picked then roasted with love and blessings for your well-being.

"I was rushed to the hospital for what felt like a heart attack and found out that I had severe acid reflux. My doctor suggested I avoid coffee - so I did, until I discovered Papua. Have been enjoying it everyday since and I feel great!"


Betty Garrels of Sun City West, Arizona

"When I make my Papua Coffee I love the smell of it...better than any perfume. I introduced it to my brother who has very severe acid reflux like me. Now we both can enjoy coffee again!"

Victoria Kouyoumdjian

Spiced Coffee

Papua Coffee with the finest quality organic spices! We offer a variety of spiced coffees (Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger) for those seeking extraordinary flavor and extra health benefits.