Our coffee is grown in the pristine rainforest of Papua New Guinea and nourished by the natural terrain, kept free of pests through the caring effort of watchful eyes and tending hands. The high altitude combined with this traditional cultivation method produces a coffee which stands apart from its acidic rivals.


Our perfectly roasted gourmet coffee is an extraordinary experience. It's love at first taste. "Coffee time" will quickly become one of the highlights of your day!


Independent laboratories have confirmed that the levels of caffeine and acidity in these beans are uncharacteristically low. The internal alkalizing effect is attributed to both the natural climate of Papua New Guinea and our commitment to wholesomeness and integrity in an increasingly toxic world. Based on the numerous testimonials we’ve heard from our customers, those sensitive to caffeine and acidity no longer have their typical bouts with acid reflux, anxiety or post-caffeine jitters, but rather have reported back to us with claims of feeling an increased sense of well-being. We hope this information encourages you to experience Papua and decide for yourself… 


Our coffee is quickly building a reputation as a "beauty" coffee. Unlike most others, Papua Coffee does not cause dehydration and subsequent premature aging. 


Our Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans are pure, free of exposure to harmful chemicals and environmental pollutants. Our proprietary roasting method releases beneficial essential oils that promote detoxification. Natural healers use Papua Coffee as a cleansing protocol for their patients.